Assemblée internationalE 2017

NBS dancers perform STREAM, a work that was choreographed by Shaun Amyot and Michael Schumacher for AI 12.  STREAM featured dancers in Toronto and Amsterdam, performing and interacting together through a live-streamed feed. 

Through AI 09 and AI 13, NBS established itself as a global leader in the dance community, committed to fostering a spirit of friendship and collaboration among the next generation of dancers and choreographers. Building on the momentum and excitement of its first two assemblies, NBS plans to host a third international assembly in 2017. By continuing to cultivate innovation and creativity through AI 17, NBS will help to ensure that ballet remains a vibrant and engaging art form well into the 21st century.

The Assembleé Internationale 2013 was about collaboration, and coming together through dance. The fearless and amazingly talented dancers taking part in this festival truly embraced the challenges of time, space, and technology using the unexpected moments, and the spirit of collaboration to come together and overcome barriers through dance in a single week-long movement that we shall not soon forget.
— Sarah Branch