Musicians' mentoring program

The accompanist is an integral element in NBS studio classes.

Early ballet masters provided their own music for classes using small pocket violins, known as pochettes. By the 19th century, however, they relied on violinists, and later pianists, to provide the musical accompaniment. To be effective, the accompanist had to develop specialized skills that extended beyond mere mastery of their instrument. Knowledge of ballet terminology was required to understand what the ballet master was asking of the students and to discern the rhythm, tempo and quality of music that would best support each exercise.

A good accompanist contributes to the artistic formation of a dancer by nurturing musicality. Recognizing the need for specialized accompanist training, NBS created the Musicians’ Mentoring Program. In this week-long intensive program, participants work closely with the School’s adept and experienced musicians to develop the skills necessary to accompany a variety of dance classes