not just any body

The two basic elements I feel are necessary for longevity in a dancer are physical and emotional health, and a well-fed soul. If these two elements are nurtured then the dancer will be a whole person with the ability to perform to their optimum, enjoy their life in and out of the theatre and cope with the ups and downs they encounter.
— Coleen Davis, Principal Dancer with The Dutch National Ballet, at the Not Just Any Body Conference

In 1999, NBS ventured into new territory with the conference “Not Just Any Body: Advancing Health, Well-being and Excellence in Dance and Dancers”. International in approach, the conference was developed in partnership with Theater Instituut Nederland, The Dutch Health Care Foundation for Dancers and The Holland Dance Festival and, through satellite, was broadcast simultaneously in Toronto and The Hague. The conference addressed issues of critical concern to dancers’ physical and mental health and well-being. Never before had these topics been addressed in such a comprehensive manner. Published a year later, the book, Not Just Any Body, is a record of the conference sessions and discussions. It remains a valuable resource today.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and a conference panelist at the Not Just Any Body Conference in 1999. 

The book, Not Just Any Body, was published one year after the conference. 

Mavis Staines with conference participants at Not Just Any Body, 1999.