Sharing Dance

In celebration of International Dance Day 2010, NBS organized a flashmob at the Toronto Eaton Centre for recreational dancers from the broader community. Over 300 dancers from the ages of 6 to 82 enthusiastically leaped, pirouetted and clapped their way through the routine. The success of this event inspired NBS to continue this outreach initiative and so Sharing Dance was launched.

                                                                                      In 2013, dancers performed a contemporary indigenous-styled flash mob in front of Toronto’s City Hall.

Each year, NBS commissions a new Sharing Dance routine that showcases a different style of choreography to songs of Canadian musicians. Different versions of the routine are developed so dancers of all ages and fitness levels can participate. Participants can learn the routine by attending rehearsals at NBS or through tutorials posted on the Sharing Dance website. In May, the dancers who have learned the routine gather in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate their accomplishment by performing together with the entire Sharing Dance community. NBS is currently encouraging cities across Canada to join in, learn the latest routine and host their own Sharing Dance celebrations.

                                                                                             In 2014, hundreds of people came out to celebrate dance at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square.

“For the fourth year in a row, we’ve been lucky enough to work with choreographers and others at NBS and some amazing students to perform an adapted version of the Flash mob. Seneca’s students are a great mix of children who are physically and developmentally delayed, and the adapted version of the flashmob was perfect for all of the students, since it was mostly joyful arm movements! Our students loved the physical connection with their partners and the help they received in expressing their excitement and love of the music and movement.”
— Claire Cram, Special Education Teacher for Etobicoke's Seneca Public School

The 2014 Sharing Dance routine was choreographed by Patrick Parson in an African-Caribbean-style and set to Samba Squad's "One Love Aye Aye."

The 2015 Sharing Dance routine was choreographed by Gadfly's Apolonia and Ofilio, and set to Kiesza's "Hideaway."